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Amanda’s Way Foundation is kicking off 2021 with a special campaign to fight Domestic Violence and you can help.  Learn how you can donate, sponsor, share your story, or get involved in the fight against Domestic Violence.


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Amanda’s Way  |  Season of Strategic Change

Amanda’s Way is a non-profit organization serving survivors of Domestic Violence and their families in Tipton County, TN and the surrounding area  Amanda’s Way has always been dedicated to serving our community and helping women escape abusive relationships. 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, and covid-19 helped us realize that we needed to re-evaluate some of our procedures and policies. We have taken the last 6 months as a season of strategic change to be able to maximize our resources and expand our ability to serve in a greater capacity. Through this time of strategic planning we have come to realize that Amanda’s Way should be a Foundation that funds services that help women escape abusive relationships. This will provide the opportunity to expand Financial education, housing, counseling, and other services offered to our clients.


Creating a Strong Foundation

As the first Domestic Abuse shelter in Tipton County, Amanda’s Way has been a leader and a pioneer in serving the Survivors of Domestic Abuse in our community. Our strong commitment to helping heal the hurting and providing hope for a brighter future stems from a very personal family loss.

Our Founder, Andrea Hopkins, lost her sister Amanda in 2003 to domestic abuse. Since then, she and her family, along with the help of the community, have worked diligently to ensure that no other woman feels like she must stay in an abusive relationship. Amanda’s Way began providing resources in 2014 and has continued to grow over the past 6 years.

To build on the foundation that has been formed, Amanda’s Way is now The Amanda’s Way Foundation! As a Foundation, we will have the ability to fund and develop a state-of-the-art service center appropriately named Nouvelle Vie Center for Women, meaning “New Life”.


Service with a Purpose

The Amanda’s Way Foundation will continue to serve women specifically in rural underserved communities in West Tennessee. However, it is our hope that through this change of structure, we can better fulfill our purpose and grow to serve not only West Tennessee, but all of Tennessee and potentially our Nation and around the globe. We will continue to strive to make a way for any woman who seeks assistance to escape an abusive relationship to receive the resources she needs to not only gain her freedom, but to grow into full independence. It is our purpose to allow each client of Nouvelle Vie to expand her wings and become all that God intended for her to be and watch her soar in His purpose.


Striving for Excellence

Through The Amanda’s Way Foundation, Nouvelle Vie Center for Women has the opportunity to be the premier service center for abused women and their families. By studying measures of success from other shelters and organizations, we believe that Nouvelle Vie has been created with specific details intrinsically designed into this program so that it will become a model for excellence in service for all women’s shelters. The Amanda’s Way Foundation is proud to be a driving force of change in the lives of women and their children and we want to expand our boarders to be an example of excellence in all that we do.


Starting the Next Chapter

Our goal is to help as many women and children in domestic abuse situations as possible, and we need your help to fulfil this mission. Currently, we can assist with a safe place to go, resource referrals, education, financial aid, food, clothing, referrals for legal representation, and support to taking the next step in a new beginning.


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Our Mission

Amanda did not have access to resources locally in her time of need, and that, ultimately cost her her life. It is our goal to ensure that no woman ever feels like she doesn't have a way out and that Amanda's memory lives on through our efforts. The Amanda's Way Foundation is committed to provide resources to Shelter, Educate, Empower, allow Healing, and provide Hope.


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